I'm Nicolette, the Principal Advisor at Freeborn Achievement. I'm also an introvert, but many people who know me would be surprised to learn that. I have acquired and practiced skills that help me operate in uncomfortable social situations and that allow me to have more effective conversations.  I founded this organization because I saw so many introverts not get the credit they deserved in the workplace; I saw shy friends miss out on great opportunities because they were intimidated and I've seen social anxiety cripple colleagues who had so much to offer the organization but were afraid of being judged if they failed. Some people have a job to pay the bills, but I genuinely love professional development.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a manager dedicated to their growth, learning, and achievement. My favorite part of HR was professional development and this company lets me focus on what I love.  We will learn about your strengths and construct a custom program designed to address the areas you want to grow. 

We then hold regularly scheduled calls or video calls to support you with information, exercises and encouragement for accountability. I love success stories and will be with you each step of the way. I am supported by a team of professionals in education and counseling to address more acute needs. 

Our custom programs start with an in-depth conversation to get to know one another and determine if this relationship is a good fit. From there, we combine elements to develop a plan to guide you through the program. It involves weekly check in conversations, quick emails, homework and practical exercises to work toward your achievement.