We're glad you found us. If you want to improve your communication in order to stand out at work, feel more confident, or simply not be so awkward in conversations, we can help.

I'm Nicolette, the principal advisor at Freeborn Achievement and I am an introvert. I also have degrees and years of experience in Human Resources, Management and Administration. My experience learning the skills that seem to come so easily to extroverts involved a lot of growing pains. I want to save you the time and share what I've learned to help you slingshot your career and personal life forward. If you're ready, let's go!

To get started, check out An Introvert's Guide to Extroverting, a free e-book. (below)

We focus on 8-12 week, individualized programs for introverts to help you identify barriers, set communication goals and achieve them. Drop us a line and we can connect to discuss your targets and how to reach them. 

An Introverts Guide To Extroverting
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